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Explore Your Options For Expungement Of Criminal Records In Minnesota

A criminal record is a heavy burden to carry for a lifetime. Exploring your options to seal your criminal record and get past convictions expunged is an intelligent move toward a better future. Are you struggling to recover a productive life path because of a past DUI conviction, drug crime conviction or domestic violence conviction? Steele Law PLLC in Minnetonka can help you proceed with your pursuit of a criminal record expungement in the most expedient way achievable.

Bring your questions to the attention of dedicated and skillful defense attorney Brian Steele. He is available to evaluate your case, answer your concerns and get your expungement case underway.

The Time Is Ripe To Determine Whether You Can Get An Expungement, And Get The Process Underway

This is the right time to seek a criminal record expungement in Minnesota. Governor Dayton signed the Second Chance Expungement Bill (Chapter 246, HF2576) into law in May of 2014, and many people have been able to start their lives over with clean records. Still relatively new, the law streamlines the process. Some cases are very straightforward. Others may require a hearing. Steele Law PLLC can guide you through all steps necessary to pursue the most effective outcome in your criminal record expungement case.

If a criminal record has plagued you in the past in Minnesota, you may have the opportunity now to wipe that record clean and start afresh. Steele Law PLLC is available to act as your strong advocate. Talk to a Minnesota lawyer who is well-equipped to guide you to an expungement without delay.

Do You Qualify For An Expungement Of Your Criminal Record In Minnesota? Find Out Now — And Find Out How.

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