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Penalties Are More Severe With A Repeat DUI Conviction — Get Legal Counsel Immediately After Your Arrest

Any DUI arrest is a serious legal matter. No one ever expects to get a second or third DUI. However, it happens to many otherwise law-abiding people despite the best of intentions. A DUI obtained during your college years can lead the way to a second DUI on your record after your working life has begun. If you are facing your first DUI arrest, you should realize that it may pave the way for a repeat DUI case at some future time. Therefore, fight for the best possible outcome — including a case dismissal if at all possible — whether it is your first, second or third DUI arrest.

Defense attorney Brian Steele is thoroughly steeped in the law as well as fully familiar with the courts. He values strong attorney-client collaboration. He is prepared to lead capably in pursuit of favorable outcomes for first-time and repeat DUI defense clients.

Consequences Of A Conviction For A Second DWI Offense Can Be Harsh

Minnesota DUI laws look back 10 years to determine whether a DUI arrest is to be considered a repeat offense. A second or third DUI arrest within 10 years is likely to result in mandatory jail time. You may be required to submit to inpatient alcohol abuse treatment. You may be subjected to periodic random testing for blood alcohol content. In general, a repeat DUI conviction will result in a great loss of freedom.

At Steele Law PLLC, we aggressively advocate for clients at risk of first-time or repeat DUI convictions. All criminal law is about mitigating potential harm to a person’s future outlook after an arrest. If you become a client of Steele Law PLLC, you can be reassured that your attorney’s prime goals are to protect your constitutional rights and fight vigorously for your liberty.

Protect Your Freedom, Your Record And Your Driving Privileges After A DUI Arrest

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