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If You Refused The Breath Test During Your DUI Stop

Drivers in Minnesota are normally expected to submit to breath tests if asked to do so by law enforcement agents. However, some drivers refuse to take the test, and then face particular defense challenges. Steele Law PLLC often takes on difficult DUI defense cases, accepting the challenge of helping defendants who want to fight to preserve their freedom.

An experienced, empathetic defense lawyer is a valuable ally at this critical time in your life. Attorney Brian Steele’s depth of knowledge is matched by his personable, reassuring demeanor. For relief from the burdens of fear and worry after a DUI arrest in Minnesota, contact Steele Law PLLC.

Protect Your Freedom Vigorously After A DUI Arrest, Whether You Took The Breath Test Or Not

If you were stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and refused to take the breath test or other biometric test of your blood alcohol content, you may well face more severe penalties, if convicted, than someone who had taken the breath test.

What if you did submit to the breath test, but under protest or unwillingly? Police or highway patrol agents may claim that you voluntarily submitted — but you remember saying you did not want to take the test. Steele Law PLLC is an accomplished defender of Minnesotans charged with drunk driving. For best results, contact us as soon as possible after a DUI arrest. Early action will help ensure the most favorable outcomes are within your grasp. Waiting to contact an attorney can dramatically reduce your chances of a successful defense.

Work With A Defense Lawyer Who Stays Up To Date

Laws and legal precedents change often in the area of DUI cases for people who refused breath tests. Police may have been required to produce a warrant before subjecting you to a breath test. For the most up-to-date legal counsel after a Minnesota DUI arrest, contact us, Steele Law PLLC. DUI is our primary focus and we are well-prepared to fight vigorously on your behalf.

At Steele Law PLLC, you can expect honesty and strategic positioning of your case after a DUI arrest in the Twin Cities or anywhere in Minnesota.

Did You Say ‘No’ To The Breathalyzer Test? Consult With A DUI Attorney As Soon As Possible.

Get answers, help, education, advice and advocacy after a DUI arrest with a breath test refusal. Call 612-285-3756 or submit an email inquiry through this website to request a consultation with a defense lawyer at Steele Law PLLC in Minnetonka.