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Keep Your Driving Privileges After A DUI Arrest

The first order of business after you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol is to fight to protect your driver’s license. Knowledgeable and tenacious, defense attorney Brian Steele is prepared to help you do that very thing.

Your Driver’s License Is Your Ticket To Freedom As You Go About Your Life

Public transportation may or may not be an option for you if you lose your driver’s license, but a driver’s license is well worth the effort to save and protect. The vast majority of Twin Cities residents need a driver’s license in order to:

  • Get to and from work
  • Take care of family responsibilities
  • Take advantage of recreational opportunities
  • Go shopping, visit doctors and otherwise take care of the day-to-day errands of an active life

Attorney Brian Steele Can Work With You After Any DUI Arrest To Preserve Or Reclaim Your Driving Privileges

The particulars of your DUI case will help determine the likelihood of keeping your driver’s license. Steele Law PLLC in Minnetonka can be your strong advocate in your quest to protect your driving privileges. We can advise you and represent you in circumstances including:

  • After an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs (street drugs or narcotic medications without a prescription)
  • After an arrest when you were taking prescription drugs with a proper prescription
  • After a boating while intoxicated arrest on Lake Minnetonka or any of Minnesota’s lakes or rivers
  • After a second or third offense DUI arrest
  • After a drunk driving accident when you were at the wheel and tested positive for an unlawful degree of blood alcohol content
  • After a fatal accident, putting you at risk of a vehicular homicide conviction

Stay In Control — In The Driver’s Seat

A speedy request for an administrative hearing is essential if you hope to keep your driving privileges. In a challenging case, your best chance for retaining a valid driver’s license may be an agreement to install and use an Interlock device in your car. Extra-challenging cases may require use of an ankle bracelet. Working close with a highly knowledgeable attorney at Steele Law PLLC can help allay your fears and keep you in control of your own destiny after a DUI arrest resulting in a driver’s license suspension.

Prevent Or Reverse A Driver’s License Suspension Or Revocation After A DUI Arrest

Fight for your right to keep your driving privileges after a drunk driving arrest. Work with a lawyer with a proven track record and a strong determination to help you obtain a good case outcome. Call 612-285-3756 or submit an inquiry through this website to arrange to talk to lawyer Brian Steele about keeping your driving privileges after a DUI arrest.