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When Forfeiture Goes Along With A DUI Arrest

Forfeiture of personal property is a risk whenever law enforcement agents may contend that the property was used in connection with the commission of a crime. You may have lost your car, guns or cash in connection with a drug crime arrest in Minnesota, or you may have lost your car to forfeiture in a DUI case.

Time is of the essence if you hope to fight this harsh consequence of a DUI arrest. Contact a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. The lawyer you choose should have extensive experience and a track record of successful outcomes, including recovering clients’ property and obtaining favorable results in their DUI criminal cases. Explore this website to learn why defense attorney Brian Steele in Minnetonka is a wise choice — or call or email our law offices right away to request a consultation with no further obligation.

Steele Law PLLC is prepared to fight for you after your car, motorcycle or any personal property was seized by law enforcement when you were charged with drunk driving. We can review the facts of your case and discover the most effective way to pursue full recovery of your property. Relevant legal issues in your case may include:

Innocent owner defense:

It is an affirmative defense to an otherwise forfeitable vehicle that the lawful owner of that vehicle did not know or have reason to know the vehicle would be used for an unlawful purpose.

Violations of your constitutional rights:

The Minnesota Supreme Court Ruled in 2014 that the Minnesota exclusionary rule applies in civil forfeiture actions. That means, if police violated any of your rights before or during your arrest, the forfeiture will likely be dismissed and your vehicle returned to you.

Steele Law PLLC can help you contest these or other injustices that went along with the forfeiture of your personal property in a DUI arrest situation. We can help you submit a petition for the return of the property and request an administrative hearing to present your case.

For Best Results After Forfeiture, Act Right Away — Consult With An Attorney

Steele Law PLLC can advise and advocate effectively for you after your car has been taken during a DUI arrest. We can defend you if you were accused of driving without mandatory DWI plates on your car. To schedule a consultation with a defense lawyer at our Minnetonka law offices, call 612-285-3756 or submit an email inquiry through this website.