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Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Steele

Steele Law PLLC is a Twin Cities area law firm offering general criminal defense, with a concentration on DWI/DUI and drug charges. In addition to DUI/DWI and drug crime cases, we have also handled defense in cases including:

Our Qualifications

Attorney Brian Steele founded and leads this law firm with determination to provide every client a strong, effective defense. Our criminal defense attorneys are licensed in both Minnesota and federal courts. We frequently help clients obtain expungement of their criminal records. We represent defendants in probation violation hearings.

What We Offer
Individuals facing criminal charges are often looking for immediate answers in order to alleviate anxiety. They also need advice and advocacy over the long term as they proceed through the necessary steps to an effective defense. From the time of an initial consultation until the conclusion of a criminal defense matter, we work closely with clients to allay their fears as we help them press on confidently toward the goal of a favorable outcome.

Understanding Your Constitutional Rights
To convict a defendant of any crime, the state must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You need not prove your innocence. You have the right to remain silent. It is never advisable to communicate with law enforcement without a lawyer present. Police are trained at eliciting incriminating statements from those suspected of a crime. Simply refuse to answer their questions until you have a lawyer present. If you ask for a lawyer, the officer must stop questioning you immediately. You have the right to an attorney at all stages of a criminal prosecution.

Understanding The Legal Process Of Criminal Defense

In all prosecutions, you will have a first appearance, otherwise known as a bail hearing at which time a judge will either set bail or release you on your own recognizance. Once bail has been set, the court will hold several preliminary hearings. The purpose of these hearings is to make motions and provide an opportunity for you and the state to agree on a resolution to the case. If your case is not resolved at a preliminary hearing, your case will be set for trial. You have the right to a trial within 60 days of being charged. If you waive this right, you can expect a trial anywhere from four to 12 months from the date you were charged.

Our goal in every criminal matter is to protect our clients’ rights and zealously pursue the most favorable outcomes attainable. Each case is unique and no defense attorney can promise a particular result. However, we are very aware of our clients’ most pressing priorities: to reduce or eliminate bail, to avoid or shorten jail time, to aim for a reduction of penalties and to pursue reduction or dismissal of misdemeanor or felony charges.

We offer a free comprehensive consultation.

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