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Case Results And Testimonials

“Mr. Steele did a wonderful job! He put forth a great effort and I would definitely use him again if needed in the future.”
– M.J.“Mr. Steele took a huge weight off of my shoulders.”
– J.E.“Mr. Steele was very helpful and was able to get me a great outcome on my case.”
– D.S.“Mr. Steele made me feel like me and my case was very important. He is a good listener and I had great confidence in having him as my lawyer.”
– A.A.


State v. Hernandez Rivera (January 2016)
Charges: Credit Card Fraud –
Disposition: Dismissed

State v. Burge (April 2014)
Charges: 4th Degree DWI
Disposition: Dismissed.

State v. Alsaihati (September 2015)
Charges: 2nd degree DWI (3rd Offense in 10 years) (90 days jail mandatory minimum. Disposition: All charges were dismissed.

State v. Love (November 2015)
Charge: Felony drug possession, and possession of firearms.
Disposition: Firearms Possession, dismissed
Drug possession. Continued for dismissal (charge will be dismissed after 1 year). No jail time.

State v. Crushshon (October 2015)
Charged with 3rd Degree DWI.
Disposition: Case dismissed.

State v. Sims (July 2015)
Charge: 2nd Degree Driving While Impaired (3rd Offense in 10 years) (Mandatory 90 days jail).
Disposition: No executed jail time – 2 years probation.

Alsaihati v. One 2006 Pontiac G6 (car) (January 2015)
Disposition: Forfeiture overturned and vehicle ordered returned to petitioner.

State v. McLaughlin (February 2016)
Charge: 4th Degree DWI –
DWI dismissed. $200 fine for stop sign violation

State v. Foss (March 2016)
Charge – Filing fraudulent lien (Felony) –
Disposition – Dropped to a misdemeanor – no jail time.

State v. Fiecke (October 2015)
Charge: Felon in Possession of Firearm (mandatory 5 year prison sentence).
Disposition: Stayed sentence – probation