Accomplished Attorneys Who Tell It Like It Is

Brian Steele's 15 years of experience as a trial attorney sets the tone for this law firm. Clients who choose Steele Law Offices to represent them in critical legal matters appreciate our direct, results-driven approach. They quickly learn they can rely on our insight and guidance through difficult and critical situations such as a DWI/DUI arrest, a domestic violence accusation or a contentious family law matter.

Heidi Viesturs has a strong background as a litigator that enables her to identify key issues in her cases and to work efficiently to achieve her client's goals. She is sensitive to the issues her family law clients are facing and works with the clients to help them achieve those goals with as little acrimony as possible. Clients trust Heidi because they know she will not overlook any issues, and will make sure they are able to make informed decisions about their future, whether they are dealing with a divorce, child custody or property issue.

Brian Steele And Heidi Viesturs Offer Clients Direction And Hope

Whatever the issue and whatever the client's position in the matter, we are prepared to take on representation with reassurance and calm determination. Our efforts are backed by years of experience and a depth of knowledge of Minnesota laws and legal precedents. Clients work closely with us as we map out a promising, hopeful strategy for each case. Then together, we get to work in pursuit of the most favorable outcome.